An Invitation to Prayer

“When God intends a great mercy for his people, the first thing he does is set them a-praying.” - Matthew Henry


May 16, 2019 | Joshua Hinson

For several months now some of us have gathered together for a midweek prayer meeting. That meeting now takes place on Sunday evenings at 5:30pm and I’d like to encourage you all to join us. Our structure is simple and our time is short (usually about 30 minutes). It’s also another opportunity for fellowship with the body of Christ. 

Each week we focus on a particular topic (the kingdom of God and missions, the civil government, the ministries of our church, the needs of the body, etc.) and take requests for other matters. I lead us in an introductory prayer and give time for others to pray as well. Even some of the smaller children offer up prayers, and this is a great time for them to learn both the posture and manner of prayer. If you’re not comfortable praying aloud, there’s no pressure for you to do so. But come anyway, offer silent prayers, and agree with us with a hearty “amen.” 

We are dependent upon the Lord for everything and one of the ways we express our dependence and earnest desire is through prayer. Individual and family prayers are important, but let us also take advantage of this time set aside for corporate prayer. Apart from the Lord we can do nothing (John 15:5). The work God has given us to do in this corner of his vineyard must be done prayerfully. Our Father in heaven hears and answers us. He is willing and able to perform what we ask of him as we do so in accordance with his will. 

In John 15, we find a connection between spiritual fruitfulness and prayer. As we abide in Christ and he in us, we bear much fruit (v. 5). As we do, Jesus says that what we ask will be done for us (v. 6) and that in our fruit bearing God is glorified (v. 7). We cannot expect the gospel of the kingdom to be fruitful in and through our church apart from prayer. But with prayer, we can expect just that.

“When God intends a great mercy for his people, the first thing he does is set them a-praying.” – Matthew Henry

For Christ and his Church,

Pastor Josh

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